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“Speech Therapy works best, not behind the closed doors of the Speech Therapy Centre, but in the open hands of the mother.”

Sheena Thomas, Speech Therapist

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    Imagine, your child getting the best possible Speech Therapy, for an hour or two everyday, but at 1/10th the cost of going to a traditional Speech Therapy Centre. This is what we dream of: no child should be left behind without getting quality, affordable, and playful Speech Therapy as foundation stone of their development .

    To achieve this dream, we focus on training parents to conduct structured Speech Therapy activities at home through our 6-month Essential Speech Skills (Parental Training) programme Let’s Speak Together (Parental Training). We focus on developing a solid base for children with mild to severe Autism and for mild to severe Speech Delay.

    Our training prepares you to help your child develop their Speech and Language through our individual online guidance. Our therapy is a parent-led home training model (Hanen® based approach), where the therapist acts as a guide who helps the parents at every step. Here, the child develops through play based activities that they would enjoy doing at home.

    Highlights of Our Two Programs

    We train parents to conduct structured Speech Therapy activities at home.

    We do not train children directly. The training includes live video calls, demo videos with child actors and clearing doubts through WhatsApp chat.

    Play based training that children love.

    Empowering the child using play, games, and activities that all children would love to do.

    We specialise in paediatric Autism and Speech Delay cases (1.3 to 5 years, ideally).

    We do not take adult cases.

    For Autism and Speech Delay only.

    Due to the lack of availability of time-slots, we do not take misarticulation (speech clarity) and stuttering cases.

    Training is fully online.

    No visits to our office is required.

    One week free trial.

    The main highlight of this programme are the activities, detailed step-by-step instructions and videos that clearly demonstrate how to do the activities at home.

    Program-I: Essential Speech Skills Training

    Who will benefit from Essential Speech Skills Training?

    ➡️ Dedicated parents who are willing to spend 1-2 hours every day doing speech related activities at home.

    ➡️ Ideally, your child should be aged between 1.3 to 3.6 years. The programme will also suit children who are between 3.6 to 5 years. Children between 5-7 years may have limited benefit in specific areas.

    ➡️ Children who currently attend Speech Therapy at a centre, but require guided activities at home.

    ➡️ Children with limited access to speech therapy.

    Essential Speech Skills Training is suitable for my child, if:

    • My child does not look at me when they are called (poor name call response).
    • My child does not look at something when I point and say that thing’s name (Joint Attention).
      For example: When I point and say: “Hey look at the crow”, my child does not look at the crow.
    • My child is not interested in playing with other children (Play-Skill).
    • My child does not point to pictures? (Pointing Skill).
    • My child does not look me in the eye when I am talking (Eye-contact).
    • My child does not copy what I do (Imitation Skill).
    • My child does not always do what I ask them to do (Following-Instruction).
      For example, my child does not bring the ball when I say: “Bring me the ball”
    • My child isn’t willing to sit and do an activity with me (Attention Skill).
    • My child does not understand more than 15-20 words? (understanding vocabulary).
    • My child doesn’t meaningfully express more than 10 words. (Expressive vocabulary).

    ➡️ Stuttering, Misarticulation, Cerebral Palsy etc. 

    ➡️ Expressive Language Delay (Children who excel in all other skills except speech)

    ➡️ Children who can communicate in word level, but fail to communicate in sentence level.

    ➡️ Children who have good understanding but are unable to answer questions only, etc.

    ➡️ Children older than 7 years

    What do you get in Essential Speech Skills Training?

    ➡️ Live video call session

    ➡️ Description videos and demonstrations using child actors

    ➡️ Doubt clarification through WhatsApp

    The following things will be couriered to you:

    ➡️ Step by step instructions book

    ➡️ Activity book that covers 60 activities (2 new activities weekly and guided revisions) that can be done in 6 months

    ➡️ Tips and Techniques booklet

    ➡️ Laminated flash cards

    Language of instruction: 

    Our videos/books/explanations will be in English only. In WhatsApp, and in live video call sessions, you can communicate in English or in Malayalam.

    Note: Our program will be more customised once we finish the first part of the program.

    ➡️ After six months, selected parents will get training on a monthly basis for another 6 more months.

    Read testimonies from our parents

    “We were initially apprehensive about Online Speech Therapy for my child who has mild autism. However, after enrolling for this, I realised that Sheena’s Online Therapy was much better than many therapy centers in Bahrain, where therapist do not give much importance to home training.so far, very much appreciated!…”

    Sreeja, Bahrain

    “… We were lucky to join Sheena Thomas’ Online Speech Therapy at an early stage when my son first started showing first signs of Autism. It wasn’t easy at first, spending around an hour each day, meticulously doing the exercises, activities and games that Sheena Ma’m had showed us. The initial days were very difficult but after some time, things changed so much thanks to the play method, he enjoys it so much…

    – Jain, Texas

    a parent from Thiruvananthapuram

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