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FAQ for Online Therapy

Is Online therapy as effective as attending therapy at your therapy center?

Online Therapy is as effective as therapy that is conducted at the clinic provided the parents give the same priority to it. Online Therapy requires parents who are proactive and should be committed in their efforts. If this is the case, then Online therapy would be as effective as offline therapy.

Does Speech Online Therapy need more time to show improvement when compared to Offline Therapy?

Online Therapy focuses on empowering the parent to deal with the challenges raised by their child. In a therapy at a clinic the focus is on the child. Due to this, parents generally take up more responsibility of their children. This usually translates to faster improvement in their children.

Is Online Speech Therapy effective only for Speech Delay? Does it work for children with Autism?

Unlike children with pure Speech delay, Speech and Language intervention in Autism is more challenging and takes more time. However, with consistent effort, much improvement can be had from Online Therapy of Autism itself.

Can we attend your Online Speech Therapy along with that of Speech Therapy from other centers/therapists?

Different speech therapists will have different approaches or method, which may vary greatly from one another. As a parent you may get confused with these different approaches, which may lead to lower motivation and confidence. So, we would suggest that you stick with a particular therapist for better prognosis.

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