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Here is what a parent says about our therapy:

My daughter, Lena was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder around 6 months ago. She was very irritable and fidgety. We tried many different therapy centers in Kerala, after I resigned my nursing job in Qatar. Finally, when we approached Sheena, we did not believe that anything miraculous would happen. Sheena asked me to give her some time as no quick results could be expected. She prepared a structured plan for my daughter, and I practiced all the activities daily at home, which we did regularly 2-3 times a day.

To our surprise, Lena responded well to all the activities that Sheena had prescribed. She soon began to enjoy the activities that we did. Her eye-contact became better and I was filled with joy the day she said, “Ma’.

She is still under Sheena’s therapy, but we are now confident that she would be able to lead a normal life soon.

Thanks Sheena.

Home –> Autism –> Testimony of Linda